The goodwill Journey was an idea that started in 2009 where Wissam Al-Jayyoussi decided to carry out solo adventurous journeys to raise awareness and funds for children in need. His first trip was to climb mount Pumori in Nepal to support the education of Women in the Middle East. The first trip was a success however it did not raise the required awareness for the project as it was too isolated from people and media. The Goodwill journey team went back to the drawing board and decided to change the idea but not the concept by taking on Motorcycle trips around the world to spread the word in a better way. The second adventure was in 2010 where Wissam rode his motorcycle from Dubai to London through all of Europe and a few countries in the Middle East. The second journey proved to be a massive success. The funds raised in the journey helped in building a school for children with special needs. After the Europe journey was done the team immediately started planning the next journey which covered Asia through a trip from Dubai to Singapore through a very long route passing 23 countries in Asia and was done in 2012. The funds rose helped in building a Cancer center for Children. From there the next plan was to do the Americas however the more time we spent on the map planning the route, the bigger it got, and in two month it moved from a trip through the Americas to a trip around the world on both the X and Y axis. This journey is currently under preparation and will start on March 1st 2015. The journey will pass through 100 countries around the world in 21 months covering 120,000 KM and the target will be to raise 2.5 Million USD to support children of the Middle East in war zones.

The Goodwill Journey in a way represents the life of children in war zones deprived from basic living needs. The journey takes very rough and isolated roads like the paths these children go through as they grow. The rider sleeps in a tent and suffers from the heat of summer and freezing temperatures of winter simulating in a way what the children go through in refugee camps. The uncertainty of the outcome of the journey and what it faces on the road is very similar to the uncertainty these children go through every day where they don’t know if they are going to live to see the next morning or not. The solo ride represents the loneliness of these children and the state they live in where there is no one around to give them a helping hand when they fall.

These journeys cannot succeed without your help and support. This support is what makes us keep going and what fuels our cause. Your support is what gives these children a second chance to live a normal life!!