National day of frustration

Another day passes by and I am still in a battle with time to get all of my visas on time. Today I had the honor to feel like a true Palestinian being denied visas left right and center for doing nothing but being the ambassador for the goodwill journey and PCRF. None of these countries have ever denied me a business visa before but as my trip this time has no business involved all I hear is the word “NO”.

After raising my hopes to get the Pakistani visa today I get the news that they want me to get 5 other visas before granting me visa to Pakistan. The dilemma here is that some of these countries want me to get the Visa for Pakistan first. It is funny but at the same time sad to be in this situation. I have never been the kind who gives up, and it I am not the type who can be frustrated easily, but I have to say this is very frustrating.

Not sure which embassy should I approach next, and I am worried that I will learn the word “NO” in a different language tomorrow. But I am going to try Iran tomorrow and Kazakhstan maybe.

What keeps me going is that I know that Palestinians go through this everyday on different levels, from being denied visas, education, medical assistance, support, food and water, denied from the basic forms of life and here I am nagging because I was denied a visa.

I read a quote once by a writer that I cannot recall his name at the moment; he said “Failure is only postponed success as long as courage ‘coaches’ ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory”. I don’t care if my wheels are burned, gearbox is broken or I am out of oil, I will keep going until I do this regardless of the obstacles or challenges.

Today I got my first vaccination for hepatitis A and B and some medicines for the trip. Next week I am going for some additional vaccinations, yellow fever, typhoid, etc… .

Over and out.

3 thoughts on “National day of frustration

  1. for the first time in your life you express your self in writing. usually,you are a man of deeds not words.i liked what you wrote>H suggest that you turn the visa issue into a media to T.V,newspapers>do not be aggressive when you talk about the your respect for their countries and then state your issue.let others help; Iman oudeh to visit the ambassadors for example.make an event and call it: A visa against cancer,or A visa for children life,or any other title.let PCRF print shirts:A Visa for Wissam.and make a small Marathon on this.rais public questions such as:which is longer:the Visa road or the silk are really a man who is transcending him self.May God bless you

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